Door-to-door sellers now get instant cash offers with real-time updates


A member of Zoodealio helps door-to-door sellers

Zoodealio's Offers Dashboard shows home sellers their instant money offers and selling solutions, as well as the price at which the agent can sell the home on the open market

Zoodealio Updated Deals Dashboard with Instant Deals

Realtors make it easy for home sellers to get instant cash offers and real-time updates so they can sell their home with certainty

It’s a bit like using Amazon Prime to sell your house.

— Kala Laos, CEO, Zoodealio

GILBERT, AZ, USA, Oct. 18, 2022 / — Zoodealio, iBuyer’s leading independent real estate platform, today announced that it has added several enhancements and new features to its platform. The updated user interface now gives potential sellers access to details of all the selling options available to them, an instant home valuation and real-time preliminary offers. All of these were developed to increase user engagement and ultimately provide agents and brokers with high-quality sales leads.

“It’s not just an estimate of value, it’s a cash offer to buy the house right now,” said Kala Laos, co-founder and CEO of Zoodealio. The customer-facing site has been enhanced to allow potential sellers to provide more details on their first visit to the site. Now, potential home sellers can see their preliminary cash offers increase as they add more data, giving them the ability to make more informed selling decisions faster than just comparative market analysis. “When sellers view their offers dashboard, they can instantly see cash offers and other selling options, as well as the price their real estate agent can sell their home on the open market.”

Zoodealio serves three distinct groups, sellers who need a home sold quickly and efficiently, investors who need to buy homes that fit their business model, and agents who need marketing and generation options. strong leads to survive. This Update Sets Up a Win-Win-Win Situation: Potential Sellers Instantly Get the Cash Offer and/or Representation They Need, Investors Have the Opportunity to Buy the Inventory They Want and agents get hotter leads and more ads. “One of the ways we help everyone involved is to give the seller the opportunity to increase their preliminary offer by adding more details and images, this will increase engagement and provide agents and brokers with leads much warmer to call, and will help door-to-door sellers make better selling decisions,” said Eliot Tomaszewski, co-founder and COO of Zoodealio.

Asked about the importance of these updates, Kala Laos said: “We are constantly working to improve, it’s in our DNA. Real estate is an industry where we are constantly adapting. At Zoodealio, we are always listening to our members, sellers and real estate professionals, to keep our technology at the forefront. In this update, we went to address our agents’ need for high-quality leads and sellers need to see real cash offers they can accept right now.” These needs mesh well with the added instant preliminary offer that shows the difference in the sale “It’s a bit like using Amazon Prime to sell your house,” she added.

Tomaszewski said: “Agents tell us that Zoodealio is an indispensable tool. Most sellers would gladly trade shares for the convenience of an all-cash offer and Zoodealio has access to vast amounts of institutional funds so estate agents can now offer a viable option for every 20th home sold to an iBuyer. It puts a full suite of real estate tools at agents’ fingertips, these make the decision easier for agents and brokers. »

“System software is highly unlikely to eliminate the need for agents to guide buyers and sellers through the process. Real estate is a highly touchable and highly trusted industry, we help streamline the process,” Laos said. With the new update, agents will have easier access to the tools they use every day to attract motivated sellers, Zoodealio members understand the need to develop and nurture real human relationships in the real estate space , the new update provides customers with a much smoother user experience on the front-end and several new tools for agents on the back-end.

Since 2020, thousands of real estate agents have used the software to evolve with the market rather than risk “disappearing” as new technology takes over. And Zoodealio empowers agents, keeping them rooted in the community and retaining that “human touch” that knows a home is also a home for every seller. In contrast, an iBuyer offer is solely driven by an algorithm without considering the intricacies of a local market. If a seller opts for an iBuyer offer for their home, the agent is still offered a commission.

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