Easy loan applications: a Chinese came to India as an “expert cook”; 3 central agencies question him


A team of detectives from various central investigative agencies landed at Chandīgarh Sector 17 Cyber ​​Cell Police Station to question Chinese national Wan Chenghua, who was arrested along with 20 others by the Cyber ​​Cell for allegedly extorting money from people after tricking them into small loan applications easy.

Wan Chenghua and the 20 other arrested defendants were taken into custody for four days on Monday.

According to available details, teams from the Intelligence Bureau (IB), the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) visited the police station in the Chandigarh Police Cyber ​​Cell and interviewed Wan Chenghua, who was arrested in Greater Noida. In Monday.

Chenghua, a resident of Wuhan in China, had traveled to India in 2019 on a work visa, which indicated he was a chef.
Chenghua’s visa had expired in 2021, however, he continued to live illegally in India.

Sources said officers from various central agencies grilled Chenghua both jointly and independently, in the presence of a Chinese-language interpreter, on Monday for several hours, during which they determined the man did not speak very well. fluent in English.

“He acknowledged that he was aware that his work visa expired in 2021. He claimed that he came to India on the basis of his cooking expertise,” an officer said.

Sources said intelligence agencies have not yet obtained the exact name of the company that issued Wan Chenghua his work visa.

Chengua is believed to have come to India through a construction company.

“An amount of Rs 17.31 lakh was recovered from the Chinese national and two others on Monday. The money was intended to pay the salaries of 18 people who had been hired to work as agents and team leaders under Chenghua as well as Anshul Kumar and Parvej Alam, aka Jeetu Bhadana – all involved in running online lending areas applications,” Superintendent of Police (Cyber ​​Cell) Ketan Bansal said. Parvez Alam had been caught in Ranchi in Jharkhand by a cyber cell team during a ten-day operation.

Police said Wan Chenghua, Anshul Kumar and Parvej Alam recruited 13 defendants as agents/telephone callers and five others as team leaders/managers.

All of the arrested men were taught how to use force, blackmail and threats to get people to return money that was lent through the apps.

According to the details, the Chandigarh Police cyber cell raids were carried out in the states of Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, delhiand Rajasthan over a period of ten days under two FIRs filed by two residents of Chandigarh – Arvind Kumar and Vinit Kumar.


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