Launch of the American student loan refinancing program


Hyderabad: Mpower Financing, a leading provider of international student loans, has launched an International Student Loan Refinancing (“Refi”) program for Indian graduates currently working in the United States.

Through this program, the company ensures that promising graduates around the world can start their new careers on a solid financial footing by refinancing up to $ 1,000,000 (around Rs 75 lakh) in student loans from Indian financial institutions. In addition to releasing co-signer and collateral obligations, successful applicants can significantly reduce their interest rates while strengthening their credit history in the United States.

“Our goal is to give students studying in the United States the opportunity to refinance their student loans through a quick and easy process,” said Ashwini Kumar, managing director of Mpower’s India office.

“Being able to refinance my Indian student loan through Mpower has been such a relief,” says Aniket Sinha, a recent refi client. “Since graduating from the University of Florida I got a fantastic job in my chosen IT field. However, I was still concerned about my loan repayment as well. only by the fact that my parents always had to do it. With Mpower, not only do I save thousands of dollars every year, but I also have the peace of mind that my parents are free and no longer burdened. as co-signers as they are about to retire. ”

“Refinancing my Indian loan leaves more money in my pocket and helps me settle financially in the United States,” says Rahul Gunasekaran, another recent refi client.

“Now that I have graduated from George Mason University and have a great job in information security, I want to make sure my parents are no longer financially burdened. My loan saves thousands of dollars every year while putting me on a solid footing and freeing my parents’ financial obligations.

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