Lucknow: Link for easy loan puts man in trap | Lucknow News

LUCKNOW: Watch out! If you get a link with an unsolicited message offering an instant loan without the hassle of lengthy documentation, don’t click on it to download the suggested app; you could fall into a trap and end up tormented.
Clicking on the loan app link could give control of your phone, all contacts and data to a gang of sneaky crooks. A Pallav Bicht of Indiranagar fell into the trap and went through a tough time.

In his police complaint, Bisht, a businessman and resident of Harinagar, said he received a link in a message from an unknown number on WhatsApp and clicked on the link which downloaded an app and downloaded it. prompted to fill in some personal information.
“A few days later, I received a call from a representative of an instant pay loan app demanding repayment of a loan I had never taken. I started receiving multiple calls asking for loan installments of Rs 2,500, Rs 1,500, but I kept refusing.” said Bisht.
The downloaded app gained access to all the numbers in my contact list and then the malefactors started posting nasty messages on my social media profile, he added.
“Within days they transformed my photos and labeled me as a sex worker, Beggar, and rapist, then started targeting my family members. These false accusations defamed me in society,” Bisht said.
SP cybercell, Triveni Singhsaid the cyber crooks hacked into the victim’s phone and gained access to all the information.
“This syndicate of cyber crooks targets people on Telegram and WhatsApp by sending them a link to download a lending app. Once downloaded, the app takes all the data like contacts, social media profiles and pictures. Then they forced the victims to pay money,” he said.
“We have received several complaints like this. Abusing, threatening and transforming images to extort money is a crime. These apps collect data illegally and even threaten victims’ contacts. We found 137 fake loan apps fast and have taken action against them,” Singh added.
Most of these apps are operated from China, he said.


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