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TO HELP!! I need a loan fast! How many times have you thought that to yourself or even said it out loud? What did you do? Did you find a loan quickly? What was the best loan available quickly and for you? Emergencies happen and life happens. When this happens we need fast cash loans in line. We need money as soon as we can get it. You may need more than what you have in your name. Is there a way to get a quick personal loan to help you?

Lenders are available and offer quick turnaround times for any loans you may need. They can lend money right now, but they can take advantage of your desperation. They will try to bind you with very high fees, interest rates and costs. We have ways to borrow money when you need it fast.

Ways to borrow when you need a loan fast

Start with LendcoFunding

Start your quick loan search with Lendco Funding. They’ll make sure you get the best rate, and Lendco Funding makes your process quick and easy. They have several lenders in their network who can give you a quick turnaround and some applicants have the money within 24 hours of applying.

Find personal lenders with fast approval

A personal lender may be the best bet for a quick loan with the best interest rate and fees. Some lenders take one to three days to process the application, approve you, and fund the money. So, this loan is not as fast, but it might be the best for you. These loans require good credit to qualify for fast personal loans.

A reminder when applying for a quick loan offered, you will need your ID and proof of income. This makes the process a little faster. Personal information loans will depend on your credit, but will cost around 10-15%. Some lenders who offer quick loans will charge an origination fee, which is usually 1-5% of your loan balance.

Ask a friend or family member for a loan

Request a loan from a friend or family member (1)

Sometimes it can be easier to ask a relative for a loan. If you have a support network you can turn to for help, that might be the best idea. There are many advantages about this type of loan, but there are also disadvantages. As long as you take the time to discuss the deal with your loved one, then you’re both on the same page.

If you have clear expectations in front of you in this regard, it will also help the relationship. You could apply for a personal loan in the meantime, in the meantime you have at least some money to help you. When you get the loan, pay your family lender back and you’ll be fine.

Get a cash advance or use a credit card

Get a cash advance or use a credit card (1)

If you have a credit card, you could potentially use your line of credit to help out. There are two ways, to put an emergency expense on your card or to take a cash advance. Cash advance is quite simple, just take your credit card to an ATM or your bank and they charge your card and give you cash. Some credit cards even allow you to make an online transfer to your current account.

There is, however, a downside to this option. When you withdraw money from your credit card, the fees can vary from 3 to 5%. Then on top of that, the credit card interest can go up to 24% APR. The balance will increase if you don’t repay the card every month. There are a lot of high costs with this option and you might regret taking a cash advance. There are also other options.

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Many people need quick loans but are unable to qualify for personal loans or credit cards. If they are, there is a secured personal loan that might suit them best. A secured loan is secured by something you own and use as collateral. Examples are auto equity loans, 401k loans and a pawnbroker.

It may not be the fastest way to get money. They require you to own something of value and you run the risk of losing that asset if you don’t repay the loan. If you have bad credit, it will be easier to get these types of loans.

If you need a quick loan today, these are possible options for you.

3 quick personal loans you should avoid

1. Payday Loans

3 quick personal loans you should avoid (1)

With payday loans, you essentially submit a check for the full amount of the loan online. Then the payday lender gives you money and charges their fee equal to the check. Then your pay day comes, they cash the check from you. It sounds like a good thing, but these cash loans are designed to trick people into accepting their tactics.

2. Loans with upfront costs

I need a loan fast: How to get a loan FAST

Loans with advance fees or loans without credit checks are another loan product that the FTC warns people against. These people are usually scammers and predators. Advance fee loans often boast of not checking your credit. They have hidden fees or they will ask you for money in advance. Notice the red flags before you sign anything. It’s not in your interest at all.

3. Car title loan

I need a loan fast: How to get a loan FAST
Be careful with these fast cash loans. They’re like payday loans, with a fast application processed except for your car title as collateral, things that other financial institutions don’t do like the more common applications you’ll need a rating of healthy credit, a bank account and. These are short term loans and they have an APR of 100% or more. You also risk losing your car and it could be vital to lose your job if you can’t get to work.

If you need a quick cash loan online, be sure to research the lender online, don’t fall for scams. Try to contact your billing companies for extensions and take some time to calm down and think before you make a fatal mistake, but if you are in dire financial straits and definitely need a loan, read the terms and conditions. these lenders love to hear you say “I need a loan now, help me”, they will charge you a high interest rate, but within one business day the money will be in your bank account .

Published April 26, 2019; UPDATED May 16, 2019.

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