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There is a conditional week left before the paycheck, and it needed instant cash yesterday. Suppose a borrower cannot postpone it to a rainy day. Moreover, even the closest friends and people are not helpful. Instant money comes to the rescue. Should You Take Instant Cash Online and What Do You Need To Know About It?

First, determine if your current situation is certainly critical and if you need to borrow money and get instant cash to resolve it.

Second, assess your skills. Overall, the borrowed money must be repaid, and even with an interest rate. You should be able to repay the loan on time without any delay or critical damage to the upcoming budget. It is better to download apps with instant cash that will help save your nerves and personal income. You can get instant cash anytime, regardless of location.

Instant money online

If you still need cash, consider cash or a loan, also consider option. This is a common and easy way to resolve a temporary financial problem. It is only important to follow a few rules to get instant cash.

Where to start if instant cash is needed?

First of all, you need to decide where to borrow instant money. There are two most obvious alternatives with their individual characteristics: a bank or an MFI (a legal microfinance organization). If you value your time, choose the best instant money apps.

However, if you have enough time, a good credit history, and can easily provide all the required certificates, contact the bank branch. The bank will give you instant cash and a long term loan at significantly lower interest than a loan from an MFO.

If you don’t have the time or are not sure whether the bank will approve a loan and you need a small amount and for a short period of time, you can contact an online microfinance organization.

MFIs were once created to support small businesses that cannot always rely on bank financing. But among ordinary people, instant loan service has also become in great demand. Thus, MFIs also issue consumer loans (including payday loans). But the percentage of such microcredit is much higher, so you cannot live with it all the time.

Priority instant money apps

Bill monitor

Bills Monitor is a comprehensive account and personal finance management tool. Here you can not only record your expenses, but also create reminders of upcoming invoices. You can get cash instantly after transferring the account to a bank card.

Main functions and characteristics:

  • Display of unpaid invoices;
  • 20 predefined categories and the possibility to add your own;
  • Formation of a report in the form of a diagram;
  • Convenient search for the required account by name, category;
  • data backup with possibility of recovery.

Money wallet

Money Wallet is a handy instant money app that allows you to control your finances with the ability to sync multiple devices (in the paid version).

Main functions and characteristics:

  • Setting up and editing the list of categories;
  • Payment planning;
  • Budgeting for a week, a month or a year;
  • Support for all world currencies;
  • Ability to select icons in different types of accounts;
  • Recoverable data backup.


This handy instant cash flow app is created for the purpose of successful financial planning and budget control. Acorns allows you to estimate actual income and expenses and properly build a financial plan.

Main functions and characteristics:

  • Quick addition of new recordings. You only have to indicate the amount;
  • Accounting for income and expenses, including common accounting;
  • Setting up reminders and financial planning;
  • Financial reporting and analysis;
  • Password protection;
  • Data export in CSV format;
  • Secure synchronization of multiple devices via the Dropbox account;
  • Data backup, loss protection.


This instant cache app has a simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface. Monefy allows users to record expenses in specific categories by assigning them individual icons. All expenses are displayed in a diagram. The report can be generated for a period of 1 day to a year.

The app is synced with multiple devices via Dropbox. Backups are also stored here. You can restore data in the event of a technical failure or loss of a smartphone.

Main functions and characteristics:

  • Presentation of data on expenditure of funds in the form of an informative graph;
  • Display of detailed information in list form;
  • Support for all currencies;
  • Management of individual categories;
  • Integrated calculator;
  • Data protection by password;
  • Data backup;
  • No ads.


Moneon is a comprehensive financial accounting tool accessible to both individuals and families. In addition to the usual functions, the application supports instant calculation and cashing, voice entry of transactions, as well as auto-creation of categories.

Main functions and characteristics:

  • Formation of a budget for individual categories or for the entire portfolio;
  • Unlimited number of wallets;
  • Support for all the most popular currencies;
  • Data protection with password and Touch ID.

Joining the Premium pack opens up additional opportunities:

  • Adding photos;
  • Accounting for income and debt obligations;
  • Reporting;
  • SMS recognition;
  • Planning of recurring payments;
  • Synchronization of portfolios between family members or partners.

Note that any application is available on Google Play and App Store.


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